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Our Culture

Gomex is built on the pillars of Safety, Sustainability, Balance and Diversity.


At Gomex, safety is paramount. Period.


At Gomex,  we support the society and the environment we live in. We help our clients make informed building choices that are better for the environment today and for future generations.


At Gomex, we are proud to offer three day weekends for all employees, starting Friday at noon and ending Monday at 1pm. Because it's a life/work balance not a work/life balance.


At Gomex, we believe that a diverse set of perspectives fosters the best engineers, ideas, and outcomes and we are not afraid to step outside the box to find the best solution for our clients.

Join Our Team

At Gomex, we believe our employees are our number one asset. Our goal is to recruit the best candidates in the industry. Gomex is a fast-paced, team-centered environment with unlimited growth potential. We provide our employees with the opportunity to work on dynamic and challenging projects every day.

Please forward your resume to:

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