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Passive House Consultant

Deep Energy Retrofits of Existing Buildings

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Consultant

Building Energy Modeling + 2D Heat Flow Simulations

Project Management 

Construction Management 

New Construction


Certified Passive House Designers are qualified to design buildings to meet the Passive House standard, bringing with them specialized knowledge on how to execute new and retrofit projects.

We provide Passive House Designs where we work with the client, architect and builder to ensure buildings are being designed efficiently with respect to energy while creating a comfortable, healthy building for its occupants  with minimal operating costs.


Perform building energy modelling to optimize the efficiency of the building in the most cost effective way.

Provide designs for net zero, net zero ready, low energy buildings and also existing building deep energy retrofits. By considering the long term end goal, and working within the client's budget and schedule, we aim to develop a practical stepped approach to improving a building's overall energy efficiency. 


Our Passive House services include:

 - Detailed energy modeling with the Passive House Planning Package software.

 - Consulting with the project team during the design phase to ensure the Passive House standards are met.

 - Site visits during the construction phase to assist builders with any specific Passive House details. 

 - Pre-drywall and final blower door testing.

- Submission of data and energy modelling results for Passive House certification, if desired by client.

- Add-on service of performing 2-D heat flow simulations to analyze and mitigate thermal bridges, if requested.


Perform whole building life cycle assessments (WB-LCAs) following ISO Standards 14040/44 to:

 - Define the goals and scope of the project,

 - Perform Life Cycle Inventory Analysis (LCI),

 - Life Cycle Impact Assessment (LCIA) and

 - Interpret the data that help design teams to reduce embodied carbon through informed, climate smart project design decisions.

Gomex can help your project meet reporting requirements for the following:

 - Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) Zero Carbon Building Standard

 - LEED Certification

 - International Living Future Institute - Zero Carbon Certification

 - International Living Future Institute - Living Building Challenge (Energy Petal)

Provide talks/presentations highlighting the importance of addressing embodied carbon in the built environment and how we can build net zero emission buildings today. Available for conferences, lunch and learn presentations to architects, engineers, developers and policy makers at all levels of government, etc. 


Gomex Engineering also offers services in project management for various industries ranging from bio-pharma (Vaccine Manufacturing), commercial and residential construction.


We offer construction management services during the execution stage including;  

 - On-site project supervision as an owner representative in GMP and non GMP environments. 

 - Provide quality assurance to help ensure the building is being built the way it was designed.

 - Communication regarding project progress, milestones, and risks.

 - Change order management and approvals.

 - Co-ordination of commissioning, qualification and validation processes.

 - Problem solving issues that to keep projects on schedule and on budget.

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