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Cladding Attachment Solutions For Exterior Insulated Walls - Report by RDH Building Science

To summarize the thermal performance of the various cladding attachment strategies presented, the range of thermal effectiveness of the exterior insulation is shown below. These percentages can be multiplied by the R-value of the exterior insulation and added to the back-up wall R-value to determine an approximate overall effective R-value for the wall assembly.


What is an ERV and a HRV?
What is the difference between an ERV and a HRV?
Which is more appropriate for a Canadian climate?

New Passive House Classes

A new evaluation procedure, focusing on “Primary Energy Renewable” (PER), serves as a basis for these new classes.

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Overhang Calculator

Useful site to determine overhang dimensions, for glazing shading based on location and time of year.

Passive House Component Database

Wondering what Passive House certified building components are available in your Country?

Smart Enclosure eBooks provided by 475 High Performance Building Supply

High performance buildings don't need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to building envelopes. These 475 eBooks cover some typical assemblies:
Masonry retrofit
Wood retrofit
2 x framing
Double stud
I-Joist Outrigger
Metal frame
Mass timber

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Structural Testing of Screws Through Thick Exterior Insulation

Report prepared by RDH Building Science

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Tapes vs Liquid Applied Compatibility Test

Kevin Spellman provides results of in-situ compatibility testing between tapes and liquid applied membranes.

The Passive House Standard

A brief overview of the technical criteria that all Passive Houses must meet.

What is a Passive House?

5 Main Principles of a Passive House:
Climate Appropriate Insulation Levels
Airtight Building Envelope
Thermal Bridge Free Design
High Performance Windows with Orientation & Shading as req.
Continuous Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Why Passive House is Taking-Off in Canada

Interview with Malcolm Isaacs, Canada’s most experienced Passive House designer, educator, and Director of the Canadian Passive House Institute, to get the goods on why Passive Houses are catching on so quickly.

Why choose to build a Passive House?

Excellent article from NY Passive House highlighting 11 main reasons to build a Passive House

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