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Achieving Real Net-Zero Emission Homes Report

Magwood, C., Ahmed, J., Bowden, E., Racusin, J. (2021). ACHIEVING REAL NET-ZERO EMISSION HOMES: Embodied carbon scenario analysis of the upper tiers of performance in the 2020 Canadian National Building Code

Excellent report compiled by Chris Magwood and his team, where they discuss 3 building types (bungalow, 2 storey home and row house) and apply 4 different building envelope material selections based on the amount of embodied carbon in each product. (High carbon, mid-range carbon, best available materials, and best possible materials). To account for most Canadian climates they then took the 3 buildings and performed energy modelling on them in 5 cities across Canada (Vancouver, Prince Albert, Toronto, Québec City and Halifax) and averaged the results (Table 1).

Click the link below for access to the report.

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