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Smart Enclosure eBooks

Provided by 475 High Performance Building Supply

High performance buildings don't need to re-invent the wheel when it comes to building envelopes. These 475 eBooks cover some typical assemblies:

Masonry retrofit

Wood retrofit

2 x framing

Double stud

I-Joist Outrigger

Metal frame

Mass timber

Head to and select the Smart Enclosure tab. 475 does request a name and email prior to emailing you access to the eBooks.

The Passive House Standard does not restrict the building owners in what type of assembly (i.e. wood, concrete or steel) they may choose to construct their building with. All assemblies can be designed to a Passive House Standard but there are some that can be more cost effective based on the geographical region you are in and also some that have lower embodied carbon when compared to others.

Contact Gomex to learn more about high performance buildings that are better for the environment.

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